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   thanks for support VIDEO OF THE DAY  

in June 5 the festival was open
in July 5 the festival was closed

in July 6 - 7closing ceremony was in FAQ cafe (Moscow) . was shown 3 night programs of all last festivals

in July 8 at Saliut Cinema (Yekaterinburg) the festival was closed with Night Event in program 3 night screenings of all festivals OUTVIDEO (with live dj-sets), NONSTOP screening of ESF festival 2005 & 2006, PUSTO festival 2004program , single channel installations by ZASADA TSETKIN group, ZERGUT group, ART YABLOKO group
please see report from Yaroslavl State channell TV about  festival translation here

please see list of  DAY PROGRAM
please see list of  NIGHT PROGRAM
please see list of  FULL PROGRAM
of festival OUTVIDEO 2006

for today we receive confirmations
of 261 artists from Austria, Argentina, Australia, Aizerbajan, Brazil, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Canada, Chekh Republic, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Greece, Georgia, China, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Lituania, Latvia, Macedonia, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Sveden, Turkey, UK, USA

we have received works from 223 artists [full list will here bit later]

BLUE NOSESgroup (Russia)
Conny Fillipelly (USA)
Victoria Gudnadottir (Netherlands)
Maurice Blok (Finland)
Maria Bracken (UK)
Wilson Montgomery Brown (Brazil)
Lynn Cazabon (USA)
Catherine Clover (Australia)
Dimitry Samsankov (Russia)
Myriam Thyes (Germany)
Claudia Sohrens (Germany)
Wilson Brown (USA)
Freida, Abtan (Canada)
Samantha Donnelly (United Kingdom)
Marina Fomenko (Russia)
Mogens Jacobsen (Denmark)
Kevin Jones (USA)
Joon Sung (USA)
Agnes Nedregard (Norway)
Stuart Pound (United Kingdom)
Oleg Sheludyakov (Russia)
Myrto Stampoulou (United Kingdom)
Trotsak Alexey (Russia)
Cleantho Viana (Brazil)
VJ NOKAMI (Canada)
Daniel Wong (CANADA)
Neil Goldberg (USA)
Nina Hoehtel (Austria)
Joon Sung (USA)
Frank Oudeman (USA)
Irena PASKALI (Macedonia)
Petros Papadopoulos (Greece)
Sinestetico group (Italy)
Adam Trowbridge (USA)
Dan Winckler (USA)
Beatriz Albuquerque [Portugal]
Herve Constant [Great Britain]
Maurice Blok (Finland)
Deborah Kelly (Australia)
Petros Papadopoulos (Greece)
Anthony Auerbah (UK)

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of Quick Time7 plagin
 all previous videos please see HERE>>
 March 30 - 2006

DVD catalogue of last Festival on the way!
Next month all participants will receive own copies.
In DVD catalogue included all works selected for full program of festival, info about authors, registrations of day & night showings on city screens.
Thanks to all participants!

Please see next updates soon

We invite all to participate in OUTVIDEO'06
Please see about new scale of festival in CONCEPT section
After April 3 you can download  entry form & technical guidlines
alocated in secion ENTRY FORM





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