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Festival of contemporary art in an urban environment.
September, 5 15, 2005
Traditionaly, the festival "Long Storyes for Yekaterinburg" unfolds on the concrete fences.
In 2005, the festival expands its scope, penetrating into new urban space, to new media.
Nevertheless, the main criterion in assessing the projects will be retained - a detailed (long) artistic expression.
Keeping the continuity with the previous festivals We consider the notion of "long", with the motives of measurement and scale.
Urban public spaces are fullfiled by huge number of measuring grids, coordinate systems, bearing the imprints of cultural traditions and innovations. The theme of festival "NEW DIMENSION" suggests that the artists will offer several new systems of coordinates in the cultural space of the city. When proposing a new system of measurement environment or re-making existing, artists provide new ideas about this space, enliven the perception of certain things, has long become part of everyday life.
  Fences and Walls | Implemented projects

[picture in high resolution]                                                                                                                      [map in high resolution]   
Alexandr Florensky [-]

Different animals


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NE S RUKI group [Yekaterinburg]


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Ars Delos group (Elena Neteckaya & Sergey Babanin) [Sankt-Petersburg]

Coarse dictionary


[picture in high resolution]                                                                                                                     [map in high resolution] 

ART ERROR group [Yekaterinburg]
Touch the Art



[picture in high resolution]                                                                                                                     [map in high resolution]   

Maria Lipilina [Yekaterinburg]
Stunned / Peas



[picture in high resolution]                                                                                                                     [map in high resolution]  

Alexandra Vshivceva [Yekaterinburg]
Cultural agrotechniques



[picture in high resolution]                                                                                                                     [map in high resolution]  

RENAISSANCE group [Yekaterinburg]

  Walls and fences | Non-implemented projects

Anton Merkulov echo (ARTERROR group) [Yekaterinburg]


Olga Florenskaya [Sankt-Petersburg]


Victoria Lomasko & Andrey Sergienko [Moscow]

Victoria Lebedeva & Mihail Unin [Omsk]





  Quay |
        The "Quay" project is an experiment with the artistic development of the newly rebuilt embankment of the river Iset, in the very center of Yekaterinburg, between the Malyshev street and Kuibyshev street.
The artists were invited to use all the space options, including water and air, for the representation of the detailed visual "long stories" perceived as you move along the waterfront. The project goal was - to present various options for the interpretation of waterfront space that could become models of it remaking.
  Klava (keyboard) |

Anatoly Vyatkin [Yekaterinburg]
Monument for Klava (keyboard) 
See photoreport about implementetion process and opening

  Quay | Non-implemented projects
Alexandra Epishkina [Sankt-Petersburg]

Arkady Nasonov [Moscow]
Cloud Commission recalls - Memorial Oblivion
Alexandr Tokarev [Yekaterinburg]
Garden in fire

Alexey Grishenko 
Entrance & Exit
Dissolving memories



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