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Арт Кольцово
- Art Koltsovo
Джейсон Эппинк
Марк Дженкинс
Эван Рот
LSP 2011: concept
ДИП 2011: концепция



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The contemporary art and design program “
Art Koltsovo” aimed at the implementation of the works of contemporary art and design (public art) in the spaces of the airport. The program came into being thanks to the large-scale reconstruction of Yekaterinburg airport, which will help to make “Koltsovo” a comfortable modern airport and the largest regional aviation node of Russia. Today the airport wishes to complaint to high quality international standards of passenger service.  And the art program is an important step to create a high-quality, comfortable environment in the newly-built buildings of the airport.
The program “
Art Koltsovo” is unique for the Russian aviation industry. This is not only an extraordinary historical moment in the life of the airport; it is the birth of a new contemporary art (public art) territory which is important for the cultural life of Russia.


Yekaterinburg “Koltsovo” airport announces the beginning of the international exhibition project ILLUMINATORS which will be shown in April 2008 in the open spaces of the International terminal of the airport. The works for the exhibitions will be selected on a competitive basis by an international award panel.
The organizers invite the artists to submit digital prints and digital video in the form of tondo to the competition.



Supported by:


Ministry of International and External Economic Relations of Sverdlovsk Oblast

Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Sverdlovsk Oblast





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